a local bakery 

Locally made

Handmade locally in Port Coquitlam BC Canada 

with love and care

Gluten Friendly

Made with chapssalgaru (rice flour), chickpea, almond & nut flours. No wheat flours are used for the dacquoise & the cakes.

Plant Based

Our vegan products are

made of all plant based ingredients. 

No artificial flavours or colours

No artificial ingredients, flavours, or colours

are used for any of our products.

Serving Fine & delicious, locally made

Inspired by traditional Korean-style baking with sweet rice flour* (chapssalgaru), Earthling Foods Inc makes fine desserts using alternative ingredients to wheat. From French Dacquoise pastries to Financier/ Pound cakes, our quality desserts are created using real ingredients.

Baking fine desserts that are quality but also conscious of dietary needs like vegan, gluten-friendly and earth-friendly became our bakery's motto. We are dedicated to making everything from scratch using whole ingredients, while keeping quality & taste.  Locally made and using fresh ingredients without artificial colours or flavours.


Dedicated to keeping the spirit of locally baked goods.


For earth & its earthlings.


Our baked goods are professionally prepared in a licensed, inspected, insured commercial manufacturing facility.

 Our whole company is run by a small team of three bakers: sibling partners and our close friend. Each of us have minimum ten to fifteen years of experience working

in commercial kitchens locally.

We are a professional bakery, which takes food safety & standards very seriously as well as covid safety measures.


We keep socially distanced when we work and wear masks. We also provide the option of contactless delivery to our customers

We abide by the strictest food safety protocols and regulations.




We hadn't heard of it until we tried them and fell in love! Light, airy with a bit of chew to it... first bite was "wow"


I was pleasantly surprised by their dacquoise.It was my first time trying and it's a nice snack that goes well with tea or coffee. Injeolmi was my favourite flavour... Highly highly recommended.


Deanna Woo

VERY tasty. Texture is light and almost feels like a cake cookie... I can honestly say these cookies were super impressive! *clap* *clap*

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551 Sherling Pl


General Inquiries :

IG: @earthlingglutenfree

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