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Each Dacaron™ is hand-piped into moulds and scraped to ensure similar size.

While we try to make each cookie as consistent as possible, since they are hand-piped and hand-scraped into the moulds each batch may come out slightly different in shape.


Meringue being hand-scraped and buttercream hand-piped, (hand temperature is inconsistent when piping) some of the Dacaron™ may come out fluffier, flatter, bumpier than others.

It just means that every Dacaron™ is unique and special–a one of kind in the world, just like you!

Butter & natural flavours, fresh fruits and homemade jams for filling
Almond flour dry blend mixed by hand
Hand piped individually & prepared with love and care
Made with the best ingredients

Vancouver's best artisanal dacquoise - each infused with natural flavour, gluten free, and artificial free. Earthling's Dacaron™ pastries are not too sweet, airy, and lightly crisp. 

Traditionally, a dacquoise is a French dessert cake made with layers of almond and hazelnut meringue and whipped cream or buttercream on a buttery biscuit base. Earthling's Dacaron™ is a hand-held cake that's perfectly balanced. Our dacquoise became popular as the new café go-to menu with it being a perfect small-sized and light accompaniment to coffee or tea. Traditionally in France, wheat flour would be added as stabilizer to these delicious pastries - however Earthling's dacquoise uses sweet rice flour instead which makes them gluten free, an added bonus!

Rice flour not only allows wheat-intolerant customers to also enjoy these delicious pastries, but also gives our pastries a special texture - a perfectly slightly crispy exterior with a lightly chewy interior. 

Simply put, these pastries are something you've never tasted before!

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