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Introducing Earthling’s
Protein Cake Cup

  • Simple and delicious, not-too-sweet cake cup with the benefits of 20g of protein.

  • Made with high protein and gluten free almond flour and egg whites.

  • Made with real cream - no palm oil, no seed oil, no artificial flavours, and no preservatives added.

  • Delightfully indulgent, 100% delicious. Our protein cake cups do not “taste healthy”


20 GRAMS of PROTEIN per Cake Cup!

SKU style (4).png

Mocha Crumble

Delicious coffee cake

SKU style.png

Chocolate Cake

Dark chocolatey &  smooth

SKU style (2).png

Cookies and Cream

Decadent vanilla + cookie

SKU style (3).png

Cinnamon Roll

Comforting spiced cake


Features of Protein Cake Cup


20 grams of protein

(That's almost a chicken breast!)


Gluten Free

made with almond flour + egg whites


Delicious taste

Still tastes like a delicious dessert!



4-7 grams of fiber


MCT oil and healthy fats

no canola, palm, or seed oils!


No Artificial 

0% artificial flavours or colours

Made from upcycled broken shells.

That's right! From all the broken Dacaron shells.

Watch the video ->

Healthy, clean, but tasty!

 Indulge Big with Protein.

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