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Serving Instructions
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How to store:

  • Dacaron™ can be frozen, or refrigerated. They last up to 10 days refrigerated, and up to 6 months frozen.

  • If stored for more than 5 days, we recommend keeping Dacaron™ in the freezer below 18 degrees celsius, covered and away from the freezer door for optimal freshness. Once defrosted the cookies are just as fresh as right made.

  • At room temperature, we recommend keeping Dacaron™ covered for up to 4 days (depending on weather and temperature, since there is buttercream in between Dacaron™ can last 3-5 days).

    • To prevent scent contamination, when storing dacquoise in fridge/ freezer, please use an airtight container or a Ziploc® bag to keep fresher for longer 

What is the best way to serve them?


  • If frozen/ refrigerated, leave them at room temp for 10 - 20 mins to thaw and soften before serving. Buttercream should be softened to a mousse-like texture (enough to loose its shape and form if poked).

  • Inside of the cookie should be soft and cake-like, while the outside has a slight crisp.

  • DO NOT HEAT. Buttercream will melt completely.

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