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What is a dacquoise

About Earthling's Dacaron™ :


What is Dacaron™? What is Earthling's dacquoise?

  • Earthling's Dacaron™ is an almond meringue pastry re-invented from the traditional French Dacquoise, which is a layered nut-meringue cake. The cake is believed to have originated in the 17th century, when it was invented as a luxurious dessert for the people of the French court.*   

  • The biscuit--or the "shell"--part of the cookie is also called dacquoise (pronounced dak-kwaz). The hand-held, oval-shaped, or small-sized dacquoise "sandwich cookies" became popularized in East Asia, after this traditional French pastry made its way into the luxurious bakery cafés of Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. This form of dacquoise is a perfect size for sharing, and shares the advantage of its more well-known cousin--the macaron--of being able to made into many different flavours.

  • Earthling's Korean-style Dacaron is oval-shaped, filled to the brim with delicious buttercreams, often incorporating many traditional flavours such as matcha, yuzu, and black sesame.


Is Dacaron crunchy? What is the texture?

  • Dacaron has a slight crunchy exterior with a very soft, melt-in-your-mouth pastry layer, and a light buttercream centre. It is not quite a cookie, and not quite a cake. The exterior of the pastry is slightly crispy due to the sugar, but the interior is incredibly light and soft. Once left out at room temperature for 5-10 minutes, it has the perfect texture reminiscent of a fluffly cloud (with a crisp exterior!). 

Is Dacaron sweet?

Earthling Dacquoise how it's made

How is Earthling's Dacaron made?

  • Dacaron™'s dacquoise shell is made by first creating a stiff meringue peak, folding in our special blend of dry ingredients including almond flour, sugar, and rice flour, then piping them onto uniform oval-shaped moulds or into any shapes. Depending on the recipe, this base can be made into different sizes, textures, and shapes. Then, the meringue mixture is baked at a low, consistent temperature to create "shells" with the perfect crispy exterior. The "shells" are then stored overnight to set. This final step that completes the shells ensures that they are not too weak or crumbly, and also stabilizes the structure of the shell so that it can be assembled with ease, using buttercream or fresh cream. The shells are laid out, chosen (with its perfect size/ shape match), then filled with buttercream, homemade jams, or fresh whipped cream. The final assembled dacquoise sandwich cookie is kept cold overnight in the freezer to ensure that the two shells are binding. If you want to watch a video on how it's made, check this cool video out!

What is Dacaron made of? What makes them so tasty? 

  • We use real almond flour & homemade fruit spreads/ jams. No artificial colours or flavours are used. Each baked item is handmade with love & care, using the best quality ingredients - no margarine, no bleached grain blends, no fake flavours. We specialize in quality baked goods & products, no cheap ingredients allowed.

  • Our Dacaron™ are individually hand-piped, therefore the shapes and sizes may vary!

Storing and serving

Storage & Serving:

How long can Dacaron last? Can Dacaron be frozen?

  • YES! Dacaron can be frozen, or refrigerated (0-5 degrees celsius). They last up to 14 days refrigerated (covered and individually sealed, 7 days in an open display), and up to 6 months frozen.

  • At room temperature, we recommend keeping Dacaron covered for up to 3 days (depending on weather and temperature, since there is buttercream in between Dacaron can last 3-5 days).

  • If storing for more than 5 days, we recommend keeping Dacarons™ frozen in temperatures below -18 degrees celsius, and away from the freezer door. 

    • To prevent scent-contamination, when storing Dacaron in fridge/ freezer, please use an airtight container or a ziploc bag to keep fresher for longer.

What is the best way to serve Dacaron?

  • If frozen/ refrigerated, leave them at room temp for 10-20 mins before serving. Buttercream should be slightly softened. Inside should be soft & cake-like and outside a slight crisp


For more information or a visual explanation, click this link to see our serving and storing instructions page.

Delivery and order
Shipping outside BC

Delivery/ Ordering

What local delivery options are available?

  • Delivery : your order will be processed, made, and packaged within 1-2 days and shipped via local courier every Monday - Wednesday

    • Order through our website for courier options​​​. FREE delivery on orders over $100 or flat rate of $15 below.

    • Courier schedules are subject to change, and normally has a lead time of ~ 1-2 days for order processing. 

    • We cannot guarantee or specify an exact time of delivery, as couriers must deliver to multiple locations. However, we can make a note on behalf of you, upon request.

    • Please indicate a buzzer number if you live in an apartment building! If there is no buzzer number or if the courier cannot reach you at your phone number, they will leave the package at the building front.


What if I want my order to arrive on a specific day?

  • If you need your order specifically in time for a special occasion, we recommend pre-ordering and keeping it in your freezer to ensure you have it on time. 

  • Dacaron™ is a flourless pastry with very little starch (high protein...and fat, we won't lie :) ) that can be stored frozen for many months while maintaining its freshness as long as properly kept.

  • If storing for more than 5 days, we recommend keeping Dacarons™ frozen in temperatures below -18 degrees celsius, and away from the freezer door. 


What pick-up options for Dacaron or other baked foods are available?

  • Pick up at our HQ : Monday through Friday 9 - 4 pm

  • You can also check out our many local partners all over BC & AB to see where you can buy our products!

When are new flavours of Dacaron announced?

What are your delivery minimums for each region?

  • With $100 purchase, delivery is FREE within BC! For any deliveries under, there is a courier charge flat fee of $15.

Shipping  (Outside of Metro Vancouver)

What is the shipping fee if I wanted to have Dacaron delivered?

  • We offer express Canada-wide express shipping via Purolator or UPS, with rates calculated at checkout based on order amount, and shipped out Mon-Wednesday.

How long does the shipping take?

  • Between 2-3 business days from the moment it has been shipped out. 

When can I expect my order to ship out?

  • Your order will be shipped out within 1-2 days from your order placement, if placed Monday - Wednesday. Order processing may be delayed if there are large volume of orders, or during holidays (Christmas, etc).  A shipping confirmation email along with a tracking number will be sent to the customer's email address, as soon as the order has been shipped. We ship the orders out on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays to avoid delays over weekend / holidays.

  • We take enormous pride in every product we offer and strive to deliver them in the best possible condition on the requested delivery date. While there are many things we do to mitigate the risk of shipping fresh and frozen food, there are unfortunately some things outside of our control like the weather and transit delays once the package is in the hands of Purolator or UPS. As such, the shipping guidelines published on this website are not guarantees of a shipping or arrival date.

  • We are unable to guarantee the time of delivery, as this is all subject to the local carrier. Most carriers will deliver packages anytime between 8 am-10 pm. If you are placing an order for a time-sensitive event, we recommend placing your order early and scheduling it to arrive 2+ days before your event. A majority of our products can be frozen or refrigerated upon arrival to preserve freshness.

Will my order arrive fresh?

  • Each product will be sealed in a plastic bag and cushioned by packing materials inside an insulated bag. If the package arrives within standard shipping time, the products will be completely fresh.

  • There is a chance that the delivery may arrive late or package may arrive damaged due to unforseen delays or extreme weather conditions* -- if your package arrives damaged or in poor condition,  you must contact the shipping carrier to file a complaint. *Unfortunately, we do not have control once the package has left us and we do not claim responsibility for damage during shipping!*


What is your shipping policy?

  • In anticipation of high package volumes (especially during holidays) or other uncontrollable events, we may have your order shipped early to ensure that it arrives in good condition. Earthling reserves the right to schedule the arrival of your order earlier or later than estimated to prevent delays, based on operational conditions. 

  • Earthling is not responsible for delays in transit caused by high package volume, weather, mechanical error, strikes, natural disasters, terrorism safety control, local carrier mis-scans or inaccurate/incomplete shipping information, and we do not require a signature for the release of any shipment. Leaving a package at an address is ultimately up to the complete discretion of the individual delivery person and is therefore entirely outside our control. We provide a tracking number for you to accurately keep track with the courier once the item has been shipped.

  • Customers are responsible for checking that all shipping information is correct before submitting an order as well as in their order confirmation email. If you need to modify the delivery address once your order has shipped, a $10 address change processing fee will apply to your order. Once an address modification is requested, carriers require one business day to process the change, which may delay the package. Earthling is not responsible for delays in transit caused by address modification.

  • There are no returns, refunds, or cancellations allowed on any orders that have shipped or have entered into fulfillment.

  • All packages are shipped via UPS or Purolator and therefore we cannot ship to P.O. Box addresses.

Gifts & Special Occasions

Can I purchase a gift card for online gifts?

  • Yes! Click here to buy gift cards.

Can I order bulk for birthdays/ fundraisers/ parties?



Nutrition & Safety

What products are gluten free*? Are Dacaron™ gluten free?

  • All of our products are made with only rice & nut flour. We also make sure that all of the ingredients we use are produced in a gluten free environment. Dacaron, of course are made gluten free!

  • We currently operate from a dedicated gluten-free manufacturing kitchen. 

Are there peanuts and tree nuts in your products?

  • Yes, we specialize in Almond Meringue & nut flour products. We do not recommend our products if you have severe nut allergies.

Are your vegan products free of cross-contamination?

  • We prepare our vegan pound cakes and brownies on separate allocated days to prevent cross-contamination with our meringue cookies. Our vegan items are also kept in separate storage space from our non-vegan items.

Is there soy in Dacaron? any other products?

  • We use Konggaru/ Kinako (soybean flour) for one of our popular flavours : Injeolmi. All other items do not contain soy, including the vegan poundcakes. However, there is a risk of cross-contamination from using the same facility and equipments.

Can Dacaron be made dairy-free?

  • Yes! However, as there are not as many requests for dairy free Dacaron as there are for regular ones - please make sure to call the store (778-948-9804) or email ahead of time to check whether or not we currently have any in stock. 

Nutrition Safety
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