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Butter Mochi Has Landed

Inspired by the Hawaiian Butter mochi, these Canelés are made with sweet rice flour, coconut milk, and real butter. Perfectly ooey-gooey, while being slightly chewy and crispy on the outside - just stick them in the toaster for 2 minutes and voila, you've got yourself the best treat ever.

Butter Mochi Canelé

How to serve

To get the perfect ooey-gooey and soft texture with an outside crisp, reheat in toaster for 5 mins before serving. For a more softer texture, reheat in microwave for just 2 minutes!


To store: keep frozen and do not refrigerate! Store at room temperature for up to 3 days.

Matcha Butter Mochi Canelé

Indulge in a delightful fusion of Japanese matcha and French canelé with our Matcha Butter Mochi Canelé – a harmonious blend of chewy mochi and crispy caramelized perfection in every bite.

Cocoa Mochi.jpg
Black Sesame Butter Mochi Canelé

Our Black Sesame Butter Mochi Canelé is made with our house black sesame paste – full of rich and nutty flavors.

Original Butter Mochi Canelé

Our original Butter Mochi Canelés offer a perfect balance of buttery richness and subtle vanilla notes, making them a unique and delicious treat.

Matcha Mochi.jpg
Cocoa Butter Mochi Canelé

Experience the perfect marriage of rich cocoa and Japanese mochi in our Cocoa Butter Mochi Canelé.


*Allergens: Dairy (Butter, Milk), Coconut, Egg

May contain / is processed in the same facility: tree nuts, peanuts, pistachios, pecans, almonds

*All Products are Gluten Free

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