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The sampler Set - 10 PC Signature Box Dacaron™
🇨🇦 $38.50 

Excluding GST/HST

Earthling's Dacarons are individually hand-piped, therefore the shapes and sizes may vary.

Each Earthling's Dacarons™ is hand-piped into moulds and scraped to ensure similar size. While we try to make each cookie as consistent as possible, since they are hand-piped, due to the uneven baking nature of meringue each batch may come out slightly different in shape.


Meringue being hand-scraped, (hand temperature is inconsistent when piping) and buttercream being hand-piped, some of the almond cookie shells may bake fluffier than others – but that does not mean that the cookies are less tasty!

Earthling's Dacarons™  Blueberry Balsamic
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