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Dacaron Cakerie Franchise

1. Simple operations, big returns.

How do I run a bakery without baking experience?

Dacaron cakeries have discovered the cheat-key to turn-key operating a bakery café

without having the pressure of extensive training.


No need for ovens, ducts, hood vents, or grease traps!

You will be essentially running a bakery cafe that offers a wide array of desserts with the simplest operation.

From our smallest kiosk operations to full scale cafes,

training is minimal to operate with ease with limited space and labor.

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Earthling Foods Inc., is the only North American manufacturer of wholesale scale for Dacquoise, aka Dacarons

Earthling's HQ bakery and training facility maintains product quality and consistency. Through our bakery HQ, we control the process all the way from the raw ingredients to the delicious Dacaron you serve to your customers.

2. Disrupt the market.

Become a part of our Dacaron community.

Bakery products make up 2.1% of the gross domestic product of the US,
accounting for $311 Billion in total economic output.
Retail bakery sales are expected to increase by an average of 6.2% per year through 2024.

S. Korea

1/3 of the existing macaron market

USA Macaron Market =

$3 Billion industry

Potential =


Earthling Foods was found to disrupt and challenge the Goliath that is the dessert industry. Building a brand and products that aligns with market demand, Earthling Foods is bringing products that are unparalleled to anything else currently on the market.


Chae and Jimmy aimed to create the best cafe dessert in the area. They established their first award-nominated Dacaron creations in 2020 and became a wholesale bakery of around 300 points of retail distribution within three years. Now with over 50 cafe partner locations, 300+ wholesale partners and significant online presence, Earthling's Dacarons is providing an incredible opportunity for experienced entrepreneur partners to take their passion to the next level.

At Earthling's, we believe quality. With distinguished brand awareness both online and off, Earthling brings an elevated, rich experience unlike no other. Our successful business model allows everyday people to enjoy unparalleled desserts at a reasonable price and potential franchisees to run a profitable business that resonates with people.

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Low start up cost

Exclusive, trademarked


Turn-key operations

that require minimal


Advanced branding and marketing

3. Our Expertise and Capacity

At Earthling's facility, we have an automated production line that is custom built from South Korea to produce our Dacaron shells, with a daily maximum capacity of more than 11,000 Dacarons a day. Through our bakery HQ, we control the process all the way from the raw ingredients to the delicious Dacaron you serve to your customers.


We have proved ourselves to be competitive enough in both pricing and quality, which is uncommon for artisanal bakeries. We are leaders in this category for wholesale distribution from specialty café chains like Blenz Canadian Coffee Company, to big box retailers like Loblaws, T&T Supermarkets, and H-mart in BC. 


Our experience and dedication to the quality of our products will set you apart in the various dessert markets you wish to venture through together.

4. Innovative, Exclusive Business Model

Imagine having first-hand access to Macarons before La Duree became well-known. 

Or Crumbl Cookies before the cookie-craze.


Earthling Foods Inc., is the only North American manufacturer of wholesale scale for Dacquoise, aka Dacarons. The pastry--originated from France then reinvented in Japan and Korea--is widely popular in the bakery cafes of East Asia- Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea accounting for 1/3 of Macaron sales in its 3 billion-dollar dessert industry. While it is completely unknown in North America, its explosion of popularity proves an untapped potential for the consumers here. Earthling has proven this potential through the diversified market distribution the company has progressed in BC, Canada via the wholesale channel for the past 3 years including retail grocery, cafe food service, and direct sales.


While there are several options for desserts, Dacaron Cakeries offer an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind personalized experience. Freshly made cakes in front of your eyes, house-roasted coffee, and exclusive yet endless flavour varieties of the exclusive Dacarons.

Absolutely delighted with Earthling Foods' Dacarons! These exquisite treats strike the perfect balance - not overly sweet at all, yet they exude decadence in every bite. The cake's delicate crunch and slight chew paired with the heavenly buttercream icing create an award-worthy dessert experience in the most ideal size imaginable. An absolute must-try for dessert aficionados!

5. Quick and Easy Launch

Earthling offers a turnkey solution to get you up and running quickly and efficiently! The kiosk models do not require much space or building, which saves on start-up cost.

In-depth training is made available across all fields - from team support to back-end management. Our goal is to minimize the administrative burden and learning curve, so you can get to market FAST.

Relative to numerous brick and mortar businesses, the marketability and financial value far outweighs the cost. Our upscale technological integrations enables easy payment through the app, advance online orders as well as marketing solutions like the Rewards program that further allows you to scale.

Having brand partnerships as well as being an industry leader of its kind, Earthling attracts businesses and consumers alike. Already possessing numerous retail partner locations across BC, Earthling's magnitude of wholesale partners include Blenz, Save-on-Foods, T&T Supermarkets, Georgia Main Food Group and H-mart.

Our Wholesale Clients

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T&T logo Supermarket-Green_edited.png
Fresh st_edited.png

6. Support

Our team is here throughout the life of your franchise!

Experience top quality support to ensure the business running smoothly:


Comprehensive Training: Our hands-on training provides the ins and outs of setting you up for success. Throughout the life of your franchise, our team is here for you with continual guidance and field support.


Operational Support: As part of our franchise network, we will provide the necessary tools to enable a streamlined process for accounting, marketing, technology integration, and online support to reduce administrative burden and optimize the learning curve.


Marketing Support: Part of our franchise package includes proven marketing strategies to guide you for optimal growth. Our concept goes beyond the "dessert shop" to the cafe atmosphere to allow dessert enthusiasts to enjoy the best quality treats that are premium, globally inspired, and unique. Our reputation has also cemented, recognizable brand partnerships to benefit your franchise.


Other Benefits: We work with you to set your franchise up for success. Whatever your goals and needs, we’ll help you achieve and exceed your expectations. Leverage our leadership team’s experience and get up and operating quickly!

Areas of opportunity

Areas of Opportunity

We're unconventional in that we grew from wholesale to retail unlike any other bakery. Our products are seen on shelves, everywhere in the lower mainland with over 300 partners - but we want to grow our community beyond!


We are looking to find partners in the following areas:

  • Alberta

  • BC Fraser Valley and beyond

  • Prairies: Saskatchewan Manitoba

  • Ontario

  • USA West (California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Hawaii)

  • USA East (New York, Illinois)

  • USA South (Florida, Texas)


7. Qualifications for Partners 

We award franchises based on qualifications including, but not limited to:

  • Commitment to Earthling Brand

  • Self-starter with Strong Attention to Detail

  • Energy and Enthusiasm

  • Personal and Professional Integrity

  • General Compatibility with Dacaron Concept

  • Business and Solution Oriented with a Growth Mindset


We’re looking for people who share our dedication to high-end customer service. We treat our clientele as part of our extended family and pride ourselves on top notch client relations. If you’re a people person who enjoys interacting with your community, you will reap the rewards of this financial investment to build and grow your franchise.

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