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Dacquoise Whole Cakes

A dacquoise is a dessert cake made with layers of light almond meringue* and whipped cream or buttercream on a buttery biscuit base -

Earthling's Dacquoise takes it to the next level.

*please note that all dacquoise is made with NUTS & EGG and

we are unable to do substitutions at this time. All products are Gluten Free.

How to serve

Thaw & serve - to defrost the whole cake, leave in room temperature for

1 hr (8 inch plus) to 30 minutes (6 inch).

To store: Keep cake frozen (up to 6 months) or refrigerated (up to 10 days).

The Chocolate Turtle Cake

Organic cocoa infused dacquoise layers + toasted pecans and homemade salted caramel drizzled in between delicious chocolate buttercream.

$40 / 6-inch (feeds 6-8)
$70 / 8-inch (feeds 12-18)
Seasonal Fruit & Fresh Cream Dacquoise Cake

Simplicity is key - almond meringue dacquoise layered in between fresh vanilla-infused whipped cream and topped with seasonal fruits (see description for fruits).

$40 / 6-inch (feeds 6-8)
$65 / 8-inch (feeds 12-18)
Fresh Fruit Dacquoise Cake.jpeg
Blueberry Dacquoise Cake Image_edited.jpg
BC Blueberres & Cream Cake

Made with fresh blueberry jam made in-house and accompanied with fresh cream! Light & delicious.

$40 / 6-inch (feeds 6-8)
$65 / 8-inch (feeds 12-18)
Strawberry & Pistachio Cake

Fresh Strawberry-topped cream cake made with deliciously subtle vanilla buttercream and light almond meringue layers sprinkled with roasted pistachios.

$40 / 6-inch (feeds 6-8)
$65 / 8-inch (feeds 12-18)
Strawberry Pistachio_edited.jpg

*Allergens: Dairy (Butter, Cream), Egg, Tree nuts (Almonds, Pistachios)

May contain / is processed in the same facility: tree nuts, peanuts, pistachios, pecans, almonds

*All Products are Gluten Free

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