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Earthling's Four Piece Korean Set includes one each of signature Korean inspired flavours for dacquoise:


Injeolmi (Roasted soybean) infused buttercream & cookie covered in injeolmi powder

Black Sesame (Heuk-im-ja) infused buttercream

Organic Matcha (Nok-cha) infused buttercream

Korean Yuza infused buttercream


Made with no artificial ingredients, flavours, or colours. No preservatives added.


Keep refrigerated for up to 14 days, frozen up to 1 month. Thaw/ rest at room temperature before serving.

Dacaron™ Korean Set - 4 PC

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  • Serving & Storage


    Holds best when kept covered in cooler; away from the door and from foods with strong odors.

    Frozen: up to 12 months

    Refrigerated: up to 14 days

    Room Temperature: up to 3 days


    To serve, simply set at room temperature for 10 minutes after displaying them in fridge.

    Always remove shrink wrap while product is FROZEN. Plate Frozen. Defrost under refrigeration for 30 minutes. Defrost at room temperature for 10 minutes



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