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Find us in the bakery aisles at

T&T Supermarket Stores in BC & AB

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A Little Back Story:

How we came to collaborate with T&T...

Here's a little back story:


This past summer, T&T bakery department reached out to us about their new program to

feature local businesses that make artisanal, healthy, and all-natural baked goods.  

Their goal was to transform the shopping experience at T&T by bringing

local small bakers into the spotlight, showcasing higher quality,

more artisanal, and healthier products in their grocery aisles.


They also wanted to provide options for customers who have dietary restrictions

such as gluten intolerance and veganism!


We were thrilled to hear about this amazing new eco-friendly initiative

by T&T to feature local businesses. Supporting local businesses not only helps

the local economy, but also is an environmental decision--reducing the transportation costs

of importing factory-made, unhealthy baked goods across the border.


We wanted our product to be more readily available to the community,

hence the partnership began. This would be our very first step into the grocery aisles!


As a small local company, we truly appreciate all the support of

our loyal customers who have been with us from the beginning.


We could not have made it this far without your support!

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Find us in the bakery aisles at

T&T Supermarket Stores in BC & AB

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