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Valentine's Special Box - this limited edition Chocolate-inspired set includes 1 pc of the following flavours:


Chocolate Strawberry ❤️

- Organic Cocoa Dacquoise shell + BC Strawberry buttercream


White Chocolate Dipped Vanilla  ❤️

- White chocolate melted and dipped vanilla-bean buttercream filled Dacaron


Raspberry Dark Chocolate Lammington ❤️

- Dark-chocolate dipped BC raspberry cream-filled Dacaron dusted with toasted cococonut


Chocolate Truffle ❤️

- Organic Cocoa Dacquoise shell + dark cocoa buttercream + dusted with generous amounts of cocoa powder


❤️ Comes in a special pink-colored Dacaron gift box with Valentine's day stickers ❤️

Valentine's Special Gift Box ❤️

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