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Indulge in the simple delight of the chocolate cake! A layered harmonious balance of chocolate dacquoise crumbles and deliciously light organic cocoa-infused chocolate cream.


Crumbly almond meringue dacquoise layered between deliciously light whipped cream, topped with home-made purees, jams, and other fresh ingredients! Perfect for sharing & special events, or to enjoy at home as a late-night snack!


*Thaw & serve - to defrost, leave in fridge for 30 minutes before chowing down!

*To store: Keep cake boxes frozen (up to 6 months) or refrigerated (up to 7 days).


*Shipping note: Since our Dacquoise Cake Boxes are made with fresh cream, they are pick-up only and cannot be shipped.

The Chocolate Dacquoise Cake Box

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