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Min. order $40

GVRD area

Wednesday through Friday

6 - 9 pm

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No minimum order

after Thursday 7 pm for orders placed before the cut off, 2 pm on Tuesday

1 - 8 pm

Pre-order and pick up

in New Westminster



Three ways : DM on IG, email your order,

or Shop online

a). Direct message us on instagram @earthlingglutenfree 

b). email us at

c). shop online*

*online shopping prices include a 3% + 30 cent transaction / service fee. 


Weekly Flavour / Delivery Update: Every Friday morning

Check available flavours as we change weekly. We announce every Friday on instagram and on our website


Cut off is Tuesday 6 PM for same week delivery

We will need your

1). Name

2). Address 

3). Phone number

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Deliveries are on:

Wed, Thurs, Friday

Delivery from Wed - Fri 6-9 pm (excluding public holidays ).

Order cut-off for the same week is every @ Tuesday 6 PM.


Scheduled by region on a first ordered first delivered basis weekly.

Check with us!


Pick up orders : available after Thursday & for the weekend 

Pick-up is available after 7 pm on Thursday.


We deliver during the week, and drop off the pick-up orders at Bobacabana (New Westminster) on Thursdays before the weekend.

*Prices below indicate regular prices when order is placed via email & paid by etransfer.

Dacquoise 1pc


pick up / add-on only

Dacquoise 10 pack


Free Delivery 

Dacquoise Cake


Please Inquire

Vegan GF Poundcake

5 Pack


Assorted flavours

pick up / add-on only


Vegan Cocomochi


pick up / add-on only

Dacquoise 5 pack


pick up / add-on only

Dacquoise 40 pack


Free Delivery

Vegan Glutenfree


10 Pack


Assorted flavours

pick up / add-on only

Individual Vegan GF Poundcake 


pick up / add-on only

Vegan Cocomochi 

8 pack


pick up / add-on only

Large Orders & Events

Please inquire at

for catering/ large orders/ events.



We will be happy to provide a quote for you.






Dacquoise flavours can be customized / combined with more than one.

Fat-quoises, like fat-carons have double the amount of buttercream for the extra smooth texture. If you can't decide on one flavour, why not get both? :)


Custom flavours are a perfect gift for a special occasion!


551 Sherling Pl


General Inquiries :

IG: @earthlingglutenfree

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