Flavours and Methods 

Inspired by 


Korean-Style inspired baking with

rice flour and artificial-free ingredients. 

어쓸링 베이커리

Baking with Nut Flours & Chapssalgaru

​쌀쿠아즈, 쌀 파운드 의 탄생

Also known as Mochiko, Chapssalgaru -- or sweet glutinous rice flour is the main ingredient in Korean traditional desserts. 


While many know mochi to be a sticky glutinous substance, Korean rice cake (Tteok) has many variations of this traditional dessert that are almost cake-like. Along with various nuts, nut flours, and honey, rice flour is usually steamed or pounded in a large mortar pestle to create Tteok (rice cake).


Inspired by traditional methods, we have created delicious recipes that many can enjoy.


Embracing our culture & heritage, we also incorporate traditional flavours such as:

mugwort (ssuk)

injeolmi (Roasted soybean powder/ kinako)

black sesame (heuk-im-ja)

red bean (dan-pat)

matcha (mal-cha)

gogooma (sweet potato)

danhobak (kabocha squash)

We make everything from scratch, using only natural ingredients


한국의 맛

Korean Inspired Flavours

​어쓸링 베이커리

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