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100% Gluten Free

Scrumptious snack on the go!

The Butter Mochi is a classic Hawaiian dessert enjoyed on the islands.

It's a result of cultures coming together from different backgrounds, and proof that when diversity happens, something delicious happens!


Earthling Foods, reinvented this classic Hawaiian favourite using healthier and more wholesome ingredients and everyone can enjoy guilt-free.


Coco Mochi is a chewy delicious new take on the classic Hawaiian favourite; we took the classic flavours of the butter mochi but without the guilt-ridden unhealthy parts.

Made with real ingredients, 100% gluten-free and plant-based selections!



Baked Mochi

We've always thought that baking leads to best outcome when it comes to food ingredients. It's healthier, crispier, and less greasy. We've retained the classic chewy texture and added the extra crispiness that is enjoyed by all.  


It's unlike any snack you've tasted before--and 100% wheat free and made with healthy ingredients like organic coconut oil. This Hawaiian classic and an Asian favourite can be enjoyed guilt-free.

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