A perfect pairing for coffee & tea

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“A delicate French almond meringue cookie with a buttercream filling in between. A classic fine patisserie enjoyed with coffee or tea.”

Made with the best ingredients


Almond flour dry blend

 mixed by hand


Butter & natural flavours, fresh fruits and homemade jams for filling


Hand piped individually & prepared with

love and care


Hand-wrapped in

an eco-friendly

paper box

Vancouver's best artisanal dacquoise - each infused with natural flavour, gluten free, and artificial free.

Earthling's dacquoise pastries are not too sweet, airy, and lightly crisp. 

Traditionally, a dacquoise is a French dessert cake made with layers of almond and hazelnut meringue and whipped cream or buttercream on a buttery biscuit base. Earthling's Korean-style dacquoise is a hand-held cake all in one setting.


Korean-style dacquoise became popularized recently as the new café go-to menu with it being a perfect small-sized and light accompaniment to coffee or tea. Traditionally in France, wheat flour would be added as stabilizer to these delicious pastries - however Earthling's dacquoise uses sweet rice flour instead which makes them gluten free, an added bonus!

Rice flour not only allows wheat-intolerant customers to also enjoy these delicious pastries, but also gives our pastries a special texture - a perfectly slightly crispy exterior with a lightly chewy interior. 

Simply put, these pastries are something you've never tasted before!

Flavour List

We have varying flavours by season so please check 
*Weekly availability varies

Earthling Food Service Flavour List 2022.png


Blueberry Lemon

Fresh blueberry buttercream and lemon curd

Black Forest

Chocolate buttercream with sour cherries

Honey Pistachio

Candied crushed pistachio paste infused toasted honey pistachio buttercream

Lemon Creme

Fresh lemon zested curd center & cream cheese buttercream 


Soy bean powder (Kong Garu) dusted shell and kong-garu (injeolmi) buttercream center

Mango Cheesecake

Mango & cream cheese infused buttercream 

Peppermint Stracciatella

Peppermint buttercream with chocolate strips


Roasted Japanese Green tea (Paragon Tea Room)

Red Bean

Sugar-cooked red bean paste centre with red bean infused buttercream

Yuzua Pistachio Fresh Cream

Yuzu jam, pistachios, and fresh whipped cream

How to Enjoy your Dacquoise: