A perfect pairing for coffee & tea

< Earthling’s Dacquoise >


“A delicate French almond meringue cookie with a buttercream filling in between. A classic fine patisserie enjoyed with coffee or tea.”

The best ingredients

Almond flour dry blend

 mixed by hand

Butter & natural flavours, fresh fruits and homemade jams for filling

Hand piped individually & prepared with

love and care

Hand-wrapped in

an eco-friendly

paper box

Flavour List

We have varying flavours by season so please check 


*Weekly availability varies

Blueberry Lemon

Fresh blueberry buttercream and lemon curd

Black Forest

Chocolate buttercream with sour cherries

Matcha Ganache

Matcha buttercream with matcha ganache in the middle

Strawberry And Cream

Strawberry jam center, cream cheese buttercream

Lemon Creme

Fresh lemon zested curd center & cream cheese buttercream 


Soy bean powder (Kong Garu) dusted shell and kong-garu (injeolmi) buttercream center


Korean mugwort herb (Ssuk) infused shell and mugwort buttercream center


Italian inspired cream cheese & espresso buttercream and dusting of cocoa

Caramel Pecan

Butter pecan buttercream, caramel center

Matcha Red bean

Red bean paste center, matcha buttercream

Vanilla Bean

Fresh vanilla bean classic french buttercream

Black Sesame

Black sesame buttercream 

Honey Pistachio

Candied crushed pistachio paste center, toasted honey pistachio buttercream


Hojicha Mango

Hojicha infused buttercream and mango center






Dacquoise flavours can be customized / combined with more than one.

Fat-quoises, like fat-carons have double the amount of buttercream for the extra smooth texture. If you can't decide on one flavour, why not get both? :)



Custom flavours are a perfect gift for a special occasion!

Hand-piped with Love