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Reservations : Thursdays - Sundays  12 - 4 pm


An Afternoon Tea Experience by
Earthling Bakery and Foods

We are now taking limited reservations for our afternoon tea service.

Reservations: Thursdays through Sunday 12 pm - 4 pm:  Starting June 1st - August 30 th.

Seating Time: 90 minutes per table from reservation time.


Our afternoon tea service features homemade sweets and savories, inspired by French and Korean style of baking. We are a dedicated gluten free facility, and everything on our menu is of course gluten free.

As per tradition, afternoon tea comes in three tiers, of Savouries, Scones, and Sweets.


Our butter scones are baked daily and served with homemade jam. Sweets is an assortment of our signature Dacquoise pastries as well as daily made cakes. For Savouries, we have locally made menu as well as savoury dacquoises.

Our tea selection provided by Nunshen Tea Company, local purveyors, as well as Korean growers accompanies the assortment, complementing and completing the afternoon tea experience.

All items are made in-house using only gluten free and natural ingredients.

Vegan Options

We have Vegan Substitutes for most menu items. Please indicate that you are vegan in the "Order note" section at check out (Vegan option will not be available on the day of your reservation).

Food Allergy Notice

Please let us know of any food allergies in the "Order Note" at checkout.


The minimum party size for a table reservation is 2 people. Please note seating capacity is limited and you can reserve up to 2 tables per each time slot.

Important dining information

Your table will be reserved for 1.5 hours. 

Cancellation Policy

Please be advised that cancellations made by 48 hours ahead of your reservation will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations made by 24 hours ahead of your reservation will receive a 50% refund.


To avoid cancellation fees, please provide cancellation notice two days prior.


You can cancel your reservation by emailing us at


June 1 2022

- Aug 30 2022


Dacquoise du jour

(1 selection from seasonal display)

Baked Butter Mochi

Black Sesame Victoria Cake

Mini Dacquoise

(3 selected from pastry chef's selection)


Summer 2022: 

BC Blueberry

Passionfruit Compote

Strawberry & Cream


Homemade Gluten Free

Butter Scone served with


BC blueberry jam



Cucumber Finger Sandwich 

Truffle Chives Dacquoise

Smoked Salmon on Beiju Cassava Waffle

All items are included per person

with tea or coffee selection.


Photo credit: @pistachiopicks *click to see review!*

Tea Selections

*Lattes and special drinks are subject to additional charge

< Nunshen Premium >

Green & Black:

Infusion & Fruity:


English Breakfast

The classic ideal tea, from India and Ceylon

The Oolong Finest

A subtle tea, rich in notes of toasted cereals

Creamy Earl Grey 

A classic blend with aromatic citrus notes of bergamot

Chai du Kerala 

Spicy black tea with medium intensity

Sencha Lemon (China) Refreshing and tangy with lemon grass notes

La Camomille

A sweet infusion with lemongrass notes. Originated from Croatia.

Vergers Des Ming

A refreshing infusion of red fruits with floral and woody notes

Peach Rooibos

Light fragrant peach flowers and rooibos 

< Korean  >

Guk-Hwa (Korean Chrysanthemum)

Spicy floral tea, non-caffeinated

Yuzu (Yuja-Cha)

Citrus sweetened tea, non-caffeinated

< Paragon Hand-Whisked >

Stone-ground tea powders

hand-whisked with bamboo

Hojicha Latte

Roasted green tea, non-caffeinated

Organic Matcha Latte

Japanese organic stone-ground matcha

Jasmine Latte

Light, floral Jasmine flowers stone ground with green tea

< Café>




Flat White



Americano Misto


Pour Over (Detour, Single origin)

Tea Misto (Available Iced)

Chai - homemade chai syrup & Nunshen Premium Tea

London Fog - Nunshen Premium Tea

< Taiwan >


Roasted Oolong